The interview between you and the candidate should be the most exciting process during the recruitment process. The main goal for the team at Medical Engineers is to ensure that you get the best candidate for the role to do the job with confidence.

However, how do I know if the candidate is the right person to execute the job? Our experts at Medical Engineers shared the three simple guiding questions to ask yourself to ensure that you pick the right candidate from the initial the interview.

Did they ask enough questions related to the role?

Ask yourself this question. If the candidate did not ask the right questions related to the job, then you have to be cautious because they might not understand the expectation. Asking the related questions regarding the job is the primary indication that they have the motivation and comprehension of the role. For example, they might explain their previous experience working with a particular project management software but you know that the organisation might not use that software. It is good that you can gain that information but if they do not question about the mechanism of the software in your organisation, then how can be sure that they are willing to learn?

Will the candidate contribute to the overall success of the business?

Do you think that their skills and ability to collaborate with other members of the organisation would help the business to grow? Try to ask them questions that reveal on their expectations from the role. Questions such as: How good are you when working in a group? How do you see yourself when working in a large group? Listen carefully and make sure that you are fully satisfied with the responses of the candidates since you know that they have the drive and ability to contribute ideas to grow the business.

How well is the candidate to collaborate with other team members?

The ability to collaborate ideas is vital to ensure that each member of the team can develop their personal skills to innovate. You might want to consider inviting some other members of the team during the interview. It is an opportunity for the team to get the first-hand experience to meet with the candidate. If the team feel like they cannot find the chemistry with the new candidate during the interview, then it is a sign that they might not fit with the role. However, be mindful to be objective when listening to the feedback from the team members regarding the candidate. You might not be able to impress everyone but use their feedback as an input that helps you decide the candidate suitability with the team member. Also, be cautious that this is the first meeting between the candidates with you.

The next time you are going to meet with your candidate for an interview, listen to small details such as their motivation to work in the organisation and their willingness to contribute ideas to grow the business. Ask yourself these questions to ensure that you can pick the right candidates for the job.

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