Magneto Thermal Stimulation is the latest brain imaging method to conduct a remote and non-invasive method to stimulate a particular cell inside the brain that triggers activity deep inside the brain that allows the researchers to find out the impact the physiology. Despite some similar methods such as fMRI, CT, PET, EEG, MEG, and MIRS, Magneto Thermal Stimulation can be an alternative to avoid using highly invasive wires to stimulate the brain impulses.

The video will illustrate the situation when a specific strand of DNA heated after the injection of magnetic nanoparticles in the designated area of the brain and ’causes the nanoparticles magnetisation to flip rapidly, generating heat that warms the targeted cells’ (Chandler, 2015).

Professor Polina Anikeeva, an assistant professor of materials science and engineering said that they would like ‘to understand better how our method works through neural recordings and behavioural experiments, and assess whether there are any other side effects to tissues in the affected area.’ Anikeeva said this method enables researchers to develop therapies for diseases that involves the injury of specific sets of neurons such as traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson diseases, and dystonia.

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Adapted from: MIT News

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