We love talking to you via our social media. It is the best place to share about…most things! However, we believe in the power of visuals. A compelling visual speaks a thousand word. Infographics, GIF, or short videos can simplify complex information and help the reader (especially on social media to quickly digest the message.

Seems straightforward? Maybe not entirely. However, there are many reasons that some of us might be hesitant to use visuals when sharing information related to the organisation across social media.

We at Medical Engineers believe that you should be able to maximise your presences on the internet; therefore it would help the candidates learn about your organisation.

Let’s kick start with some easy and free tools that you can use today.


Ever imagine that you can be a graphic designer? Canva is the tool that can quickly enhance your presences on social media. How? You can browse some inspiration and customise the design for your social media posts. With thousands of fonts, icons, and frames options (more if you subscribe to the premium plan), you can easily create a mesmerising post. The most striking feature of Canva is that every action is ‘drag and drop’ therefore you can edit and add as many elements of your social media posts.


Never underestimate the power of an icon. It may be small, but if you know how to assemble these images together, then you might surprise yourself with a compelling result on your social media post. An engaging and attractive post will have a higher chance to steal the attention of your audiences. You can search for icons that you need then download the file format based on your requirement (e.g. PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD).


Who doesn’t want to Retweet #TGIF gif on Twitter? Or not to press the ‘love’ button on the #mondaymotivation on Instagram. A repeated moving images or montage from a movie/TV show can help you to engage with your users on social media. Whether it is a job vacancy announcement or event, you can always express your creativity with a gif.

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