Crafting an outstanding CV is an art because a good CV will take you to your next dream…job (if you follow our tips on this blog). This might not be your first graduate job since you have been working in the industry for a number of years. However, it is handy to always have a good CV because you never know when opportunities will come.

At Medical Engineers, we want to ensure you to get the best opportunity to work in Medical Technology industry since we are working closely with companies in Medical Industry to ensure that you are the best candidates for the role.

So, when you register and upload your CV into our database, make sure that you do not make these simple mistakes and your next career move might be sooner than you think.

No PDF, please

Understanding which file format to send when applying jobs can be difficult. Samantha Blythe-Moore the Managing Director of Medical Engineers said that sending you should upload the Word (.docx) format of your CV. When Samantha or another consultant at Medical Engineers think that you are a strong candidate for the role, then they might upload your CV into the client’s database (of course we will ask for your agreement). However, this might not be the case if the database did not recognise .pdf format and this could be your worst nightmare! You might have to say goodbye to your dream job because the recruiters will remove your CV from the potential candidate list.

In addition, Samantha said that to ensure that your CV does not have coloured fonts. Make sure that you are using a black coloured font throughout your CV to maintain professionalism.

Too Much Information Isn’t Necessarily Good

You did your PhD in Electrical Engineering for 3 years and worked for a well-known company for 8 years. Great! During that period, you might decide to start a family. We are happy to hear that! Unfortunately, your employer might not want to hear this information during the interview or while reading your CV. Personal information such as marital status and age are not necessary information to share with your employer. You might need to focus on convincing the employer that you have the sufficient skills to execute the job.

Small Details are Critical

Never forget to include your contact number and address of correspondent. Your recruitment consultant will call you if they think you are the best candidate for the role. Let them speak to you directly, so they can elaborate about the job opportunity and your interests. Also, this is the best opportunity to ask the recruiter about related job matters such as work arrangements, travel distances, and team structure. Corresponding via Email is good but it might not capture the whole essence of ‘you’ and you might not be able to gain immediate responses from the recruiter.

Also, why you should include your current address on your CV? This information will be crucial for the consultant to seek the appropriateness of the job that they will offer to you. If your location is too far, they might ask you to seek the willingness to relocate. If the location is close to your proximity, then consider yourself lucky! Therefore, helping the consultant with this crucial information will enhance the possibility to advance your career.

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