A succinct role description will help the recruitment consultant at Medical Engineers to handpicked the best candidates for your business. However, this might not the case since you might miss some vital details that prolong the search for the candidate. Therefore, our experts at Medical Engineers shared the three key factors which are specificity, assurance, and interesting factors of the job description that will help the recruitment consultants to get the best candidates for you.

Be Specific

Sounds simple? No. You need to ensure that the job description encapsulates your expectation as a client, therefore the recruitment consultant will have a clear idea of the possible candidate’s list that they can give you. How to do this? Include only the most important information. For example, if you are looking for a candidate for Mechanical Engineer with strong knowledge of software such as AutoCAD and Tinkercad, then make sure that you include that details in the job description. Also, you might want to specify expertise of the candidate with the software. Therefore, the consultant will determine their search on the candidates with these sufficient skills.

Be Sure

Make sure you do not make sudden changes to the current job description. Why? The recruitment consultant might have some potential candidates for you to consider and they will need more time to find the perfect candidates because you have changed the job description. Not only it will prolong the recruitment process but it is not going to be efficient on your budget. The best way to avoid this situation is to speak with the relevant personnel from your organisation to ensure that the description reflects the requirement of the job role. Do not follow the temptation to recycle an ‘old’ job description because it might not fit with the current demand.

Be Interesting

You want to make sure that the recruitment consultant knows the details that they can sell to the candidates. So, illustrate the work condition and elaborate the company benefits. Find and refine the unique points of your company that will spark the candidate’s interest when they hear the description from your recruitment consultant. This information will set your company apart from others because the consultant can convince the candidates to give their rights to represent to pass the information to you.

So, the next time you are going to give that job description to our recruitment consultant at Medical Engineers, make sure that it is specific and interesting to appeal the candidates with the job role.

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