Interview time is the vital time between you and the potential the previous post, we wrote a post about identifying the key questions that you should expect from the candidates in order to know find the ‘one’. However, an interview should be a mutual process where it is the opportunity for both of you to get to know each other. On this blog, we focus on you as an organisation to get the right insights from your candidates, therefore we have several suggestions on the crucial questions that you should ask during the interview.

Do you play a board game?

It may not be a normal question to ask the candidates during an interview. However, it is important for you as an employer to understand how a potential candidate can fit with the social environment of the organisation. Why you have to know the life outside of the office? Asking this question does not indicate that you are being intrusive, instead, you want to gain a better understanding of your candidate regarding their social life. This is an opportunity for you to gain an understanding about how they can fit into the social culture. If your organisation like to organise many internal social events (e.g. monthly thematic employees appreciation gathering), then the candidate might be a good additional team member.

However, if you think they are not then you might want to think about other activities that can enrich their experiences in the workplace.

Tell me what do you want to know about me?

Yes, ask that question. Why? They need to know your personality to ensure that you can work well together. You might expect some questions such as: what are the traits that you are looking for from your team? what is the best way for me to raise a concern about my work? Answer these questions with an open mind. Try to elaborate your responses to ensure that they understand you as a potential team member. You can ask them for follow up questions to ensure that you can give them the best responses. Remember that open communication is a great start to begin a long-lasting relationship.

Why should I not give you the job?

So, why should I not give you the job? Do you think that I should find another candidate with better skills and knowledge? Or, this could be the day where I will accept you as part of the team if you can convince me with outstanding reasons not to reject you. Let the candidate do the job to convince you with their answers. Listen to their responses and find the key ideas that convince you to give you the job.

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