So, our consultant at Medical Engineers rang you on your mobile to give the first interview schedule with the company via Skype. Congrats! Do not get too excited since this might be your first Skype interview (ever! or not, but that’s okay since you might find some tips below useful ).

Medical Engineers might be able to give you some useful tips to ensure that your Skype interview run smoothly.

1. Make sure that your internet connection is working properly
Whether you are using LAN or Wi-Fi, always (triple) check that the internet is working. Your interview might involve video and audio call. Therefore, a stable and working internet connection will ensure that you can have a smooth conversation with the recruiter

2. Present yourself well
The recruiter might not be in the ‘same’ room as you but they might want to see you via the camera. Therefore, always make sure that you have a proper attire and groom yourself. A quick comb on the hair and wear the appropriate attire will make a great impression with the recruiter.

3. Don’t speak too fast and too casually
Be mindful that this is a Skype interview with a potential employer. You are not talking with your mother, sister, or brother. Make sure that you speak not too casually and calmly. If you speak too fast, your employer might miss some information and that is not what we want.

4. Maintain eye contact
Make sure that you make an appropriate eye contact with the employer. This is the sign that you want to engage with them and show interest in the topic.

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