The new research is currently underway to utilise Nintendo’s Wii game console as the solution to help people with Parkinson disease to improve their movements and speech.

Researchers will ask the participants to stand on a balance board and move a cursor to a specific target, therefore they can monitor the relationship between body movement and brain activity.

‘We’re looking at being able to do things in their house that may be challenging, like put away groceries when you have to stand on your toes and reach for cabinets or to cook and communicate at the same time’ said Jeff Haddad, an associate professor in the Department of Health and Kinesiology (Doty, 2017). For Haddad, ‘when utilized for a prescribed period of time, tended to show more positive outcomes’ (Doty, 2017).

Jessica Huber as a professor of speech, language and hearing sciences said that gameplay can help the patients to improve their speech patterns.

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Adapted from: MDT Magazine

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