EU researchers are currently developing a prototype device called Wize Mirror to monitor heart rate, body temperature, and skin tone. The main objective of the research is to help users monitor their day-to-day activities and help to spot signs of cardio-metabolic diseases.

The device will use 3D optical sensors camera, multispectral cameras, gas detection sensors to detect heart rate, haemoglobin levels, and changes to the structure of the skin. Therefore, the device will examine the metabolic product in the skin, the function of the vessels in the skin to indicate the blood flow and oxygenation. A ‘green sensors’ help to determine the oxygenation process in the blood without physical contact by projecting the photons light into the face and target the facial tissues. The wavelengths that the device record will determine the saturation level of the blood. In addition, the sensor of the device can be applied to other areas in the body as part of the research to understand the correlation between determining the health condition of an individual using semiotic face analysis.

Although the Mirror is not available to the public yet, this is the first step of engineers working in the medical devices industry to help improve the health welfare of the society. By utilising sensors and camera in Wize Mirror, the device strives to use human face as an indicator of the health condition of an individual.

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