Have you ever wondered which firms manufacture the most medical devices globally?
Perhaps you’re seeking for a publicly traded biotechnology, medical device, or instrument firm that might be interested in buying your business or licencing your research, or maybe you’re looking for a medical device company to invest in. In this article, we’re bringing you a list of the top 21 medical device businesses from around the world.


Top of the list of the big 100 largest medical device firms in 2022, Medtronic has seen a number of setbacks in recent months. The Hugo surgical robot’s system rollout had supply chain issues, the company’s crucial ON MED study of its renal denervation technology was delayed, and its Diabetes division ran into regulatory issues. CEO Geoff Martha emphasised that the company’s leadership can do the job while announcing first-quarter profits in August.


Johnson & Johnson reclaims second place in 2021 following a challenging 2020. The medical devices division of J&J offers a comprehensive selection of items utilised in the orthopaedic, surgical, interventional, and eye health industries. The Covid-19 outbreak and the resulting delays in medical procedures had a significant impact on their surgery, orthopaedic, and vision sectors, causing a 12% reduction in medical equipment globally.


The top 3 medical equipment manufacturers this year include the US multinational corporation Abbott. The corporation, which has 107,000 people globally, is renowned for developing ground-breaking technologies in the fields of diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition, and branded generic medications. The medical equipment and diagnostics divisions of Abbott saw strong year-over-year growth of 13%. In order to combat the Covid-19 pandemic’s early stages, Abbott was instrumental in developing and providing diagnostic tests on a global basis.


Philips has been in business for almost a century and offers a variety of technologies. Diagnosis & Treatment, Connected Care, and Personal Health are the three main segments that make up Philips’ health care division, which accounts for 42% of the company’s global revenue. Sales of Philips’ health goods and solutions increased by 6% annually in 2020, to $22.6 billion (€19.1 billion), with a more favourable currency exchange rate.


Fresenius, a worldwide healthcare organisation with headquarters in Germany, comes in fifth on the list of major manufacturers of medical devices. Sales for Fresenius Medical Care increased by 2% in 2020, hitting $21.0 billion (€17.9 billion) in revenue. The business unveiled its 2025 strategy in 2020, putting its healthcare goods and services at the forefront while focusing on three main areas: renal care continuum, critical care solutions, and complementary assets.


The international medical technology and life sciences corporation GE Healthcare is a constant in the list. GE Healthcare has a wide range of goods, and it is well known for its imaging, ultrasound, software, and life care solutions. GE Healthcare has a wide range of goods, and it is well known for its imaging, ultrasound, software, and life care solutions.


The American multinational medical technology business Beckton Dickinson & Company, also known as BD, produces and markets reagents, instrument systems, and medical devices. The cost of rectifying the company’s defective Alaris infusion pumps required a large investment. However, the company experienced growth in Q4 as a result of BD Life Sciences’ remarkable achievement in producing the ground-breaking Covid-19 test through its Integrated Diagnostic Solutions subsidiary.


The eighth-ranked medical device company on the list is still Siemens Healthineers. Siemens Healthineers, a division of the German-based automation and electrics giant Siemens, is a leader in medical technology. Sales at $17.0 billion (€14.5 billion) were down 3%, or a small amount, for the corporation. This was attributed to a reduction in diagnostics since fewer people were scheduling routine testing sessions as a result of societal limitations placed in place to control the spread of Covid-19.


Cardinal Health is well known for supplying medications, medical supplies, and services that helps healthcare providers. Cardinal Health has more than 100 years of experience and 50,000 workers. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic’s demand and the good effects of PPE sales as well as better volume sales for the lab business, Cardinal Health’s medical division expanded by a healthy 8% in the financial year 2021.


Stryker is a global American company that specialises in medical technology. The company with 43,000 workers, focuses on developing cutting-edge orthopaedic, medical, and surgical, neurotechnology, and spinal care products that benefit patients’ conditions and hospital results. Stryker had grown consistently for 40 years before to 2020, but because to a drop in medical procedures brought on by the Covid-19 epidemic, the company’s sales decreased by 3.6% that year.

Roche Diagnostics:

Roche Diagnostics helps the patients receive the correct treatments at the right times. We are better positioned to advance individualised healthcare because to our combined expertise in diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. The goal is to improve healthcare through creative solutions while also protecting the environment, ensuring the sustainability of the supply chain, and upholding social commitments.

Boston Scientific:

Boston Scientific is committed to improving patients’ health all across the world by developing cutting-edge medical solutions. Boston Scientific’s core principles, which outline our culture and give our people strength, serve as the foundation for our work. We’re committed to working with healthcare experts to create a diverse portfolio of significant innovations that enhance results, lower costs, boost efficiency, and—most importantly—assist more people in more areas around the world live longer, healthier lives.

B Braun:

B Braun advances healthcare via the power of technology and the sharing of expertise. In order to improve healthcare, we create clever solutions and establish standards as true partners. To support our organisational shift and execute the business goal, we are changing our brand. It helps to open new commercial opportunities for B. Braun and actively influence the direction of healthcare.

Zimmer Biomet:

Innovations from Zimmer Biomet are used to treat conditions that affect or injure the bones, joints, and supporting soft tissues. We assist millions of people in living better lives by working with healthcare professionals. Zimmer Biomet’s purpose is to improve the quality of life for you or your loved ones. We can help you find a clinician or learn more about our products, depending on your needs.

Baxter International:

Everything that Baxter International does is focused on the crucial junction where the life-saving and life-sustaining products meet the healthcare workers and carers who make it all possible. With a wide range of solutions, we can assist more patients at every stage of their journey and enable medical professionals to provide treatment that is more intelligent and individualised. Together, we are reshaping healthcare with audacious innovations that will enable us to fulfil our common commitment to enhancing care for everyone.

Alcon Laboratories:

Alcon is the industry pioneer in eye care and committed to enabling people to see clearly. We are the biggest eye care equipment firm in the world with a more than 75-year history, and our surgical and vision care businesses complement one another. As a genuinely international business, we operate in 60 countries and provide patient care in more than 140 countries. We have a long history of breaking new ground in the business, and we invest significantly in R&D every year to keep up with patient and consumer expectations.


Danaher is a leading global provider of science and technology solutions dedicated to assisting clients in resolving difficult problems and enhancing living standards everywhere. We are a global family of more than 20 active businesses that promote significant innovation in some of today’s fastest-growing and most dynamistic industries. Our ground-breaking businesses revolutionise the domains of diagnostics, life sciences, environmental science, and applied solutions, with operating companies headquartered all over the world, from California to Copenhagen.


The mission of 3M Science is to assist in addressing some of the most pressing problems facing the globe. The people it effects are what we focus on at 3M, not just the answer. An at-height worker returning home after a long day’s work, a student safely arriving at school, and a doctor assisting one of his patients to return to what really matters are all depicted. We can start improving lives everywhere moment 3M Science starts to improve one person’s life.


The Japanese company Olympus Corporation produces devices for optics and reprography. On October 12, 1919, Olympus was founded, and its early product lines included thermometers and microscopes. Nowadays, the company’s medical device sector generates most of its yearly revenue, with the remainder coming from its scientific solutions and imaging divisions. Olympus produces and sells endotherapy equipment, surgical equipment, and endoscopes principally.


Terumo was established in 1921 by Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato and other medical professionals as a result of the need to manufacture medical thermometers domestically following the end of World War I. Over time, Terumo has added value by tackling health care concerns like infection control, the prevention of medical errors, the need for less invasive therapies, and enhancements to both patient quality of life and medical cost effectiveness (QOL).


A leading provider of healthcare services, Grifols creates plasma-derived medications as well as other cutting-edge biopharmaceutical treatments that help millions of patients around the globe live healthier, more fulfilling lives. From our establishment in 1909, we have used our expanding understanding of plasma, life sciences ethical leadership, and sector-leading quality and safety standards to help create a society that is more sustainable and healthier.


Medtronic is the biggest medical device company in the world.

Siemens Healthineers is best for medical equipment.

The highest paid medical device company is Medtronic.

The medical device industry produces equipment, instruments, implants, and other products used in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of medical conditions.

United States is the largest supplier of medical devices in the world.

Yes, a career in the medical device industry can be a good choice for those interested in technology and healthcare, with opportunities for innovation and impact on patient outcomes.

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