Recruiting Graduates.

2020 was a challenging year for many businesses throughout the Medtech industry.
After speaking with businesses and candidates within the job market recently, clients and job seekers have been finding it difficult to get back into it.

In May time, thousands of graduates will be graduating from their universities, and it is currently a volatile and uncertain job market for these individuals.

At Medical Engineers we want you to know we are still here to support you in any way we can.

We are speaking with graduates that are actively looking for roles within the Medical Devices and Biotechnology industries, coming from prestigious universities up and down the UK.

Graduates and interns are a great addition to any business, and we have seen this countless times, graduates making an impact and being a big success within our client’s businesses.

But why are they a good addition to your teams?

1. Graduates are keen to learn and progress.

Graduates are normally keen to improve and impress within a new role. It is the first time they are able to put all the theory and work experience they have gained from university and implement this in a real, working environment.

2. They have a different outlook.

Younger generations will have different perspectives on life and work. Graduates will look to add and contribute new, innovative and fresh ideas to your company. Not to mention, they’re likely to have different views, which will help to inject a younger voice into your organisation and increase diversity within your business.

3. Graduates are mouldable.

This might be their first experience of a full-time office, lab, or workshop life. This means that you can teach them from the get-go how to work, and how to approach company issues, rather than trying to mould someone with pre-existing habits.

4. A graduate will question the way things work.

Fresh graduates are likely to be inquisitive, and with their university studies still fresh in their minds, they will be used to questioning how and why things work the way they do within your business. This will push your company to question its existing (and potentially outdated or inefficient) approaches.

5. Graduates are more comfortable with technology.

In general, especially recent graduates will be more comfortable with technology due to the ubiquity of tech during their youth, PC’s, Laptops, mobile phones and apps are all staples within the younger generation’s lives. Apps may be useful and be used to streamline your processes, and graduates may be able to help you with this.

On top of all these wonderful reasons to give our graduates a chance to make it in our industry, We would like to offer all graduate and Intern recruitment free of charge for new and existing clients. We will advertise the roles on our website and multiple job boards and pass the applications directly on to you, for you to find your ideal next candidate.

Candidates, make sure you upload your CVs and set up your account on our website, to get job alerts for some fantastic graduate opportunities:

Clients, new and old, to get in touch with us and get involved with our Graduate Recruitment Opportunity, email us on

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