Have you ever considered working abroad? It is something over 334,000 thousand people did last year alone, so what are the key drivers behind this? Is the grass greener across the pond? Why do so many people choose to make the move?

We explore some of the reasons many Brits are choosing to relocate for their next job opportunity.

Cultural Awareness

America is perhaps the most multiculturally diverse country in the world. It is full of people who have travelled from all corners of the globe to make the USA their home and to create a better life for themselves and their families. Working in the USA will give you the opportunity to expand your knowledge of different cultures, work in diverse teams and cultivate a more open and diverse perspective of the world.

Business is not conducted in the same manner throughout the world, so first-hand experience will give you the knowledge required to adapt to different audiences, clients, and employers throughout your career.

Professional Networking

Your professional network is an extremely powerful tool. The saying that “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” will always ring true for a large proportion of people when they are searching for their next career break. Not only can those that know you, and have worked with you, offer a recommendation for you when applying for a new position, but they can also inform you of available vacancies and opportunities.

By expanding your network with international connections, you will gain exposure to more opportunities that can take your career to the next level.

International Experience

International experience is very desirable from an employer’s perspective and will set you apart from other candidates. It demonstrates independence and shows that you are proactive and open to change. Securing a role with a global industry leader and having this experience on your resume can enhance your employability when it’s time to look for a new opportunity.

Accepting a new position abroad, sometimes having to leave your home, family and friends, requires serious commitment, tenacity and drive. Moving outside your comfort zone, and collaborating with people in a professional environment overseas, will give you an experience which will ultimately enrich your professional skill set, elevating you from your counterparts.

Higher Salaries

Searching for, and securing a job on the global market, you immediately multiply the opportunities which are available to you. In turn, this can mean there can be hugely differing salary bandings for the same types of roles. Labour shortages in some industries result in companies offering higher salaries in order to attract the right talent and retain their staff.

Job Benefits

The benefits depend on the business itself, but you can generally expect more perks as an employee who is working abroad.

Also, if you are planning to apply for larger, international companies then generally you will be entitled to more benefits such as sick leave, health insurance, bonus schemes etc.

Job Opportunities

The United States firms are at the forefront of technological advances, especially in areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, pharmaceuticals, and medical, aerospace, and military equipment. Searching for work in this market will multiply the career opportunities available to you. If the job market at home is over-saturated with candidates with a similar skill set, expanding your search and looking at job openings abroad could be the key to unlocking a great opportunity.

Standard of Living

The United States has the most technologically powerful and innovative economy in the world. It has political stability, an efficient bureaucratic process, a good education system and an overall extremely high standard of living. This forms a great grounding for anyone wanting to move and work there. This, coupled with the abundance of job openings, presents a good opportunity to secure a higher salary and higher quality of living.

Personal Growth

Working overseas inevitably becomes an opportunity to grow on a more personal level. The experience of living and working in a different country, experiencing a difference culture, and working in an environment with diverse number of colleagues will be make a huge impact on you personally. It will develop your interpersonal skills, your knowledge of differing working practices and what works for you. Ultimately, your goals and aspirations will develop massively from such an experience. The opportunity to travel and explore within the country will enable you to see and experience more, all of which will contribute to you becoming a more well-rounded individual.

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